As Above/So Below Ritual

by Anjou


☽ While enjoying your As Above/So Below Elixir straight or in tea, sit down with your favorite ritual tools around you. Candles, crystals, incense, etc. will all help to create the mood and add energy to your intentions. Amethyst is particularly helpful here.


☽ Set a clear intention. Do you want to travel? Answer a question? Plant seeds? This is the time to define your purpose. It may help to write it down and read over it several times to create a strong focus.


☽ When you are done with your elixir/tea, retreat to your sacred resting space. If you have a smudge stick, burn it now to clear the space of any negativity. Lie down. If you have moon water, anointing oil, or Flying Ointment, you can take a dab and rub it in a circular motion on your third eye, between your eyebrows.


☽ Close your eyes and clear your mind. Breathe in with deep, cleansing breaths. Contract and then relax every muscle in your body, one by one, starting with your head and ending at your toes. Take a final deep breath and relax your body fully. Feel it melt into the mattress as you lose tactile awareness.


☽ Visualize yourself walking towards a gate. Beyond the gate there is only a thick blanket of fog which you cannot see past. If you are summoning a spirit guide or would like the company of a spirit animal, this is where you will meet them. They will be waiting for you at the gate. Greet them, honoring their presence and opening yourself to their guidance.


☽ Visualize the gate opening. If you have a spirit guide or animal, they will walk through first. Follow them. As you walk through, the fog will begin to clear. Slowly, as the landscape comes into focus, your intention will manifest before you. If you are planting a seed, visualize a hiding spot that only you and your spirit guide know of and plant it there. Be sure to make a note of where it is in case you need to dig it up. If you are traveling, catch a ride with your spirit guide the first couple of times until you are ready to fly on your own. Here, it helps if your spirit animal is a winged creature..

This psychic dream or astral travel ritual is best performed during a full moon.