Welcome witches, travelers, occultists...

I have wanted to transition over to my own space for so long that this feels like a dream. This is a place where we can talk about all things haunted, macabre, Victorian, Gothic. About those things that dwell in the deep, dark forest and in the hollows of our hearts. In the veil between this world and the next. In our dreams and our nightmares and in the abandoned houses replete with tattered curtains and crumbling walls. Of the herbs that heal and the scents that carry our memories. Of the art that pours from our souls and the secrets we've shared with the dead.

This is my Cabinet of Curiosities. Please feel free to contribute to it; this romantic nostalgia of darkness & light. Browse my witchery shop or stay simply for the ambiance. You are the burning candles that keep this space so warmly lit.