Elemental Anointing Oils Rituals

by Anjou


*To be used on your person, magickal tools, or altar*


Water: (Cold & Wet) West. Autumn. Yarrow, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang.

Characteristics: Emotions, dreams, compassion, love, sadness, healing, rest, cleansing, astral travel, death/rebirth

Earth: (Cool & Dry) North. Winter. Sage, Patchouli & Vetiver.

Characteristics: Stability, prosperity, hearth & home, animals, grounding, protection

Air: (Hot & Wet) East. Spring. Meadowsweet, lavender & Lemongrass.

Characteristics: Thought, intellect, travel, teaching, divination, freedom, happiness

Fire: (Hot & Dry) South. Summer. Cinnamon, Cedar & Clove.

Characteristics: Action, will, passion, lust, desire, anger, energy, purification, destruction, strength

Spirit: Quintessance: Center. Spacelessness. Timelessness. Mugwort, Frankincense & Myrrh.

Characteristics: Change, transformation, alchemy, divinity


Suggested Rituals


*In all rituals, face the direction of the element. Cast your circle and use the corresponding oil to anoint yourself (at pulse points).. It is recommended to read an elemental tarot spread for each element prior to the ritual to find an intention to focus on.


Water: Fill a chalice or bowl with water (fresh from a river, lake, or ocean preferred, but you can also use moon water or spring water). Drop a small crystal (non-soluble) or sprinkle sea salt into the water and swirl it with your finger. Recite your intention as you swirl, observing how the salt or crystal moves with the water and how the water moves with your finger. When you are finished reciting, take your finger out of the water and watch as the water still swirls, everything reacting to your motion even though you are no longer actively moving it. Leave the bowl until your next ritual (it is always good to have a bowl with water and salt on your altar for protection).


Earth: Lay down on the earth outside (or place two bowls of soil underneath your hands indoors). Dig your hands into the soil, feeling how connected you are with Earth. As you recite your intention, keep digging, realizing that no matter how far you are capable of digging, there is no end to the soil’s ability to hold you. Alternatively, recite your intention while potting a plant.


Fire: Light a candle in a containment. If it is a freestanding candle, contain it by drawing a circle around it with herbs, dirt, or salt. Write down your intention on a piece of paper or a bay leaf. Recite your intention, feeling the heat on your hands and face. When you are finished reciting, burn your intention in the candle flame. When it has turned to ash, blow out the candle flame.


Air: Stand outside and hold a feather in front of your mouth. Take slow deep breaths, observing how your breath affects the feather. Breathe as many times as you need to, reciting your intention with each breath. With your final breath, blow the feather out of your hand and observe as it travels, freely carrying your intention wherever it may blow.


Spirit: Find a position where you can reach a meditative state. Focus on your intention. If you have a spirit guide or animal, beckon them. Visualize a gate. Beyond it is a foggy field. Allow your guide to lead you through the gate. As the fog blows away, it reveals what you seek. A person who has passed, a message from beyond, a hidden spot to plant a seed, or a jumping off point for astral travel.