Rituals of the Garden Witch

by Anjou


Garden Witch Herbal Allies

- Rose: protection, love, happiness, security

- Lavender: mental acuity, relaxation, peace, love,, purification

- Sage: purification, wisdom, protection, immortality

- Mugwort: astral projection, lucid dreaming, divination, cleansing, protection

- Rosemary: cleansing, blessing, purification, dream work, memory

- Bay: psychic ability, healing, protection, hex-breaking, banishment, luck, wish-making

- Thyme: strength, courage, positivity, faerie communication, letting go

To Connect with Your Herbs Before Planting

- Prepare your gardening space and cast a circle around it with the Garden Witch Salt, sprinkling it along the perimeter. Imagine a white light protecting your garden inside the circle. Sprinkle remaining salt into garden dirt.

- Light the herb bundle and smudge the garden and the seeds by waving the smoldering bundle over them. Again, imagine that you are clearing them of any negative energy that may reside there..

- Anoint yourself with the Garden Witch Herbal Ally Oil, embodying the properties of the herbs themselves. Charge your crystal (green calcite or moss agate) in the bright sunlight and place it near the seeds so that they absorb the energy of the stone.

- Sit with your seeds and your cleansed garden space and visualize each herb sprouting forth from the seed and rising up through the dirt. Once you have connected with each herb, begin to plant your seeds.

- After you have planted the seeds, light the Garden Witch Spell Candle in your sacred space and burn it each day until the seeds have sprouted.


To Bestow Vitality to the Garden

- Smudge over the garden space or planters, visualizing all of the old, negative energy being cleared away. Place the moss agate or green calcite in the center of the garden or in the planter, visualizing the plants absorbing the energy from the crystal. Anoint yourself with the Garden Witch Herbal Ally Oil, embodying herbal vitality, and visit each plant. Gently run your fingers up the stalk and out to the leaves, recognizing the veins that carry water and nutrients from root to tip.

- Once you have visited each plant, sprinkle a little bit of the Garden Witch Salt around the garden or planter. In your sacred space, burn the Garden Witch Spell Candle for an hour as the energy you bestowed upon your plants travels through them, imbuing them with vitality.


To Harness the Power of Herbs

- Smudge your sacred space with the Florida Water Smudge Spray, visualizing it dispelling any lingering negative energy. Sit with the herb bundle, visiting each herb and matching it with its magickal meaning. Decide on your intention - what characteristic(s) you would like to embody - and pull out those herbs.

- Gather the crystal, candle, anointing oil, and herbs around you.. Cast a circle around your space with the Garden Witch Salt, imagining a white light of protection rising up from the salt. Place the crystal and herbs at the top of your circle. .Dress the Garden Witch candle with the Garden Witch Herbal Ally Oil and anoint yourself with it, massaging it into your pulse points. Pick up the herbs and hold them to your heart, repeating your intention softly until you feel the power of the herbs enter your heart. Repeat with your head. A sample mantra would be “Lavender, I embody your peace.”

- Once you have finished, open your circle by turning counter-clockwise and step out. Continue to burn the candle for as long as you can and reapply the oil as often as needed throughout the day and before you go to bed. Place the crystal near you and the herbs under your pillow as you sleep.

*you may also write your intention on a bay leaf and burn it in the flame of the Garden Witch Spell Candle in addition to the mantra.

*Alternatively, place 5 drops of the Garden Witch Herbal Ally Oil or the Garden Witch Salt in the bath. Light the Garden Witch Spell Candle and allow your senses to draw in the power of the herbs.