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Calming Spell Botanical Wand


Fields of lavender, bundles of clary sage, sunny ylang ylang blossoms, refreshing bergamot orange, calming chamomile, and the ancient brightness of frankincense come together in this calming herbal oil blend to ease anxiety, worry, stress, or lull to sleep.

Perfect for parents of toddlers, those who struggle with anxiety or worry, students taking or studying for exams, and those who suffer with insomnia or general stress, Anjou's Calming Spell will aid you in attaining serenity. Simply hold it up to your nose or massage into your temples for a botanical quiet place. Available in a clear 10ml glass roller bottle.


Lavender, chamomile, and sage infused organic olive oil

Pure essential oils

Please patch test before use - essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and can elicit allergic reactions.

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