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Honeycomb Candle & Ritual Vessel Set


This listing is for one Honeycomb Candle & Ritual Vessel Set. Each set comes with a hand-painted, corked vessel filled with a ritual blend of herbs & gems and a pair of hand-rolled & dressed honeycomb candles (2.5 hour burn time each). Each set has a purposeful blend of herbs & gems that can be used in rituals & spells. Each candle fits in the vessel to allow use as a taper candle holder.

Honey Bee: Determination, Hard Work, Industry, Dedication, Protection, Loyalty, Fertility, Lifeforce. Vessel contains calendula, sunflower petals, carnelian chips, & amber resin.

Wildflower: Beauty, Love, Tenacity, Subtlety. Vessel contains pressed flowers, lavender, calendula, hibiscus, daffodil, & rose quartz chips.

Lavender: Love, Tranquility, Dreams, Healing. Vessel contains lavender buds & amethyst chips.

Sage: Cleansing, Blessing, Transforming Energy, Protection. Vessel contains white sage, lavender buds, frankincense resin, & clear quartz chips.

Moon Magick: Spirit & Divination Work, Water Element, Divine Feminine. Vessel contains blue lotus, marsh mallow, mugwort, jasmine blossoms, & moonstone chips

Dark Rose: Love, Beauty, Lust, Heart Work, Grief, Passion, Self-Confidence. Vessel contains rosebuds, wild hibiscus, lavender, pink himilayan salt, & jasmine blossoms, & rose quartz chips.

Please do not leave candles burning unattended. Trim wick throughout candle's life to ensure maximum use and avoid smoke residue.

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