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Habitat of the Witch Ritual Perfumes


Habitat of the Witch Ritual Perfume Oil Wands are crafted from pure essential oils and plant extracts, botanical oils, gems & resins, and hand-gathered artifacts of nature to ally you with the sea, the mountains, the forest, the desert, or the swamp. With these ritual perfumes, I wanted to have a way to connect with each habitat regardless of whether you are there or not. A way for you to conjure the fiery magick of the desert from your cabin atop a windswept ridge. Or stir the still waters of the bayou from the white sand beaches of a salty seashore. Or relish the rich, deep earth in a loamy forest even if you are surrounded by concrete.

  • Faun: Witch of the Forest ~ An ancient, winter forest with dried berry notes.

  • Harpy: Witch of the Mountains ~ Light & airy like a mountainside meadow.

  • Selkie: Witch of the Sea ~ An exotic, citrus cove.

  • Sphinx: Witch of the Desert ~ A sandalwood fire amidst the sand dunes (*contains myrrh resin)

  • Will-‘O-Wisp: Witch of the Swamp ~ Deep, fragrant earth & the blooms of the bayou.

*Please patch test before applying. Essential oils and resins are highly concentrated plant extracts and can cause allergic reactions. Myrrh sensitivity has been reported and can result in or exacerbate severe allergic reactions such as skin rash and/or asthma.

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