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Reliquary Whipped Ritual Soap

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Anjou’s hand-blended Reliquary Whipped Ritual Soap has been witchcrafted to cleanse your hands and body of negative or lingering energy to prepare you for divination or spirit communication rituals as well as provide you and your skin with an intoxicating layer of moisture while cleansing. The pure plant extract blend of sea buckthorn oil, immortelle (helichrysum), and cedarwood is reminiscent of eternal cemetery flowers.

Deliciously creamy and rich, this 4 oz jar of ritual soap has been whipped to a luscious texture for nourishing and cleansing your skin. A little goes a long way with this 95% natural castille, vegetable glycerin, aloe, and wormwood-infused sweet-almond oil. Charged with petrified wood.

Available in an 4 oz frosted glass jar with an aluminum cap.

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