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Hedge Witch Apothecary Soy Candles


Anjou’s Hedge Witch’s Apothecary Ritual Soy Candles can be used for spells, rituals, meditation, and intentions. Each is crafted from 9 oz of 100% soy wax, all natural fragrance & essential oils, and dressed with herbal & crystal allies to assist you in magick-making. These candles are 100% natural and the melted wax can be used to anoint your skin - simply massage in. Each candle comes with one cotton wick in a recycled amber glass apothecary jar with a glass stopper.

  • Flying Ointment: Geranium, Spices, & Sandalwood. Travel your dreams & explore the astral realm.

  • Nightshade & Laudanum: Black Currant, Vanilla, & Tobacco. Protect against negative energy & dispel curses.

  • Smelling Salts: Rosemary, Lavender, & Peppermint. Re-energize your spirit & invigorate your magick.

  • Madame Luna’s Love Potion: Pomegranate & Cardamom. Open your heart & increase your desire.

  • Snake Oil: Clove, Ginger, & Orange. Ignite a fire & burn through obstacles.

  • Miracle Cure: Lemon Verbena & Balsam. Heal your spirit & soothe your mind.

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