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Cleanse & Bless Ritual Botanical Oil


Anjou’s Ritual Botanical Oils can be used for spells, rituals, meditation, and intentions. Each is crafted from high-quality botanicals, plant-based oils, pure essential oils, and ally crystals to assist you in achieving your goal in seven different areas. These botanical oils can be used to anoint your body, tools, or altar, or dress candles. You can also sprinkle the intention oils in ritual baths, wear as a light perfume, or carry with you. Each oil contains a plant-based (vegan) blend of carrier oils containing sweet almond, sunflower, coconut, or castor oil, depending on the intention and come in 2 oz frosted glass bottles with aluminum caps.

  • Cleanse & Bless: For Cleansing & Blessing Your Sacred Space ~ Sage, Lavender, Frankincense Resin, Clear Quartz Chips

  • Divination: For Psychic Work & Stretching Your Third Eye ~ Blue Lotus, Rowan Berries, Mugwort, Yarrow, Amethyst Chips

  • Healing: For Distance Healing ~ Agrimony, Calendula, Lavender, Pappermint, Comfrey, Wild Roses, & Fluorite Chips

  • Heart Igniting ~ For Heart Work & Passion ~ Rosebuds, Jasmine, Lavender, Hibiscus Petals, Elderberries, Pink Himilayan Salt, & Rose Quartz Chips

  • Inner Goddess: For Honoring the Maiden, Mother, & Crone and Connecting with the Feminine Divine ~ Lady’s Mantle, Vitex Berries, Raspberry Leaf, Cacao Nibs, Wild Roses, Blackberry Blossoms, & Rose Quartz Chips

  • Manifestation ~ For Success & Lifting the Spirit ~ Lemon Balm, Sunflower, Calendula, St John’s Wort, Frankincense Resin, & a Citrine Tumble

  • Moon Magick ~ For Connecting with the Moon ~ Jasmine, Blue Lotus, Mugwort, Willow Bark, and a Rainbow Moonstone.

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