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Ylang Ylang & Clove in Benzoin Ritual Incense Body Oil


Anjou’s Incense Body Oils combine the ancient magick of tree resins with the aromatherapeutic and vibrational benefits of pure essential oils. Each combination has been carefully chosen to amplify the power of the individual resin. Pure resins have been infused into olive, grapeseed, & sweet almond oil over two full moons and blended with pure essential oils and plant extracts. Available in frosted 2 oz pump bottles for easy application.

Ritual Oils should be massaged into skin before ritual, spell, meditation, intention-setting, or incantation.


Rose & Cardamom in Dragon’s Blood: love, passion, lust, igniting a fire within

Lemon & Balsam in Frankincense: uplifting & stress relieving

Ylang Ylang & Clove in Benzoin: purification, astral projection, higher self

Lavender & Lemongrass in Copal: clear negative energy, purify a space, induce positivity

Chamomile & Juniper in Palo Santo: protection, healing, cleansing, uplifting

Sweet Orange & Patchouli in Amber: emotion balancing, spirit communication, recalling past lives

Cedarwood & Vanilla in Myrrh: peace, tranquility, serenity

**Please patch test before applying to skin - Myrrh is a known allergen for those with a sensitivity as are many resins and essentials oils due to their pure and concentrated nature**

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